Why Dont We See Durte Dom On The Vlogs Anymore?

Why Dont We See Durte Dom On The Vlogs Anymore?

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  • Later that year, the vlogs turned extremely profitable, averaging 4 to seven million views a video.
  • 2016’s “BEDROOM CAMERA FOOTAGE!!” reveals Dobrik and Ernst knocking on Zeglaitis’ door.
  • Last Tuesday, Dobrik briefly responded to the rape allegation leveled towards Zeglaitis, emphasizing that the pair no longer had a working relationship.
  • However, he did not address the allegations immediately and many people called him out for it.
  • David Dobrik stepped down from the board of Dispo, a photograph app he cofounded, late Sunday.

Later that yr, the vlogs became extremely profitable, averaging four to seven million views a video. Zeglaitis capitalized on his new model, dying his hair and speaking about marijuana in each scene. 2016’s “BEDROOM CAMERA FOOTAGE!!” shows Dobrik and Ernst knocking on Zeglaitis’ door. Zeglaitis seems shirtless with a “woman in his room” and says he is exhibiting her his “birthday cards.” The character was extraordinarily important to Dobrik’s vlogs, with a number of of his own Vlog Squad inside jokes. In the video “PAPPARAZZI!!?,” a operating joke that might last for years is born, as Dobrik offers Zeglaitis the chance to shout out his social-media handles, solely to cut him off earlier than the clip finishes.

A Girl Claims Durte Dom Raped Her In David Dobriks Vlog Squad Movies

Dobrik dated fellow YouTube persona Liza Koshy from late 2015 to early 2018. On May 15, 2019, Dobrik legally married Lorraine Nash, Jason Nash’s mother, as a comedic bit for certainly one of his vlogs. On June 12, 2019, Dobrik announced that he and Nash had decided to end their marriage after one month. On November 22, 2019, Dobrik stated by way of Instagram that he has officially signed divorce papers and divorced Nash. Because the forged of the vlogs samples Dobrik’s larger friend group, membership rotates on an ongoing basis.

One of those members is Dominykas Zeglaitis, or “Durte Dom,” one of David’s childhood finest associates who hasn’t appeared in videos since 2019. Earlier this month, a lady accused Zeglaitis by way of Insider of raping her whereas filming a video for Dobrik’s YouTube channel in 2018. Since then, two more ladies have accused Zeglaitis through social media of inappropriate habits. Zeglaitis used videos of himself kissing girls – together with superstar cameo Kylie Jenner and Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf – as clickbait, which triggered view surges.

What Has Durte Dom Been Accused Of?

The vlogger additionally revealed that he was “disappointed with a few of his friends” and had “separated from plenty of them” – however didn’t directly reference any particular incident. “Whether I am shooting with a pal or I am capturing with a stranger, I make certain whatever video I am putting out I actually have the approval from that person.” Dobrik allegedly filmed her as she entered Dom’s bedroom, posting the video days later as a “threesome” plot with the title “SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!”. She says herself and some student associates went to the Vlog Squad mansion to film a video.

Honoring Dobrik became a straightforward approach to get within the vlog – he rode a tour bus by Dobrik’s house, arrange staged house excursions where they lived collectively, and paid a refrain line to dance outside his window. By the time 2019 arrived, Zeglaitis was getting more ingenious along with his cameos. He started carrying a pink bandana, exhibiting off his pet (named “Dirty Dog”), and persevering with to push his eccentric character.

There’s “Cool Intro” and “Drove Cross Country for In-N-Out” that were created earlier than the vlogs formally started, that includes Zeglaitis as himself, without the pink bandana or sexual innuendos he would quickly become identified for on Dobrik’s channel. Zeglaitis is one of Dobrik’s oldest childhood associates from Vernon Hills, Illinois, and could be seen within the first videos on his channel in 2015. Reviewing YouTube videos featuring Zeglaitis in the wake of sexual-assault allegations paints a picture of a bunch that was so targeted on creating content material that they ignored attainable red flags alongside the way in which. He talked in regards to the Seth Francois sexual assault incident and the way he felt that he needed to place a cease to a situation that he later realized was incorrect. Dom additionally talked about how he felt apologetic about participating in racist conduct that hurt Francois.

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In January 2021, Dobrik was a part of Spotify’s considered one of many exams that it regularly runs to assist enhance its person experience by releasing nine audiobooks which are all part of the general public domain and in this case, Dobrik narrating Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In January 2020, Dobrik launched his personal cell digicam app known as David’s Disposable which lets users create retro-wanting photographs of their own. The app has surpassed over a million downloads and likewise landed briefly on the prime of the list for hottest free apps on Apple’s App Store, sitting forward of Disney+ and Instagram as well as successful a spot on Apple’s curated “Apps We Love Right Now” record. In December 2019, Dobrik was named in YouTube Rewind 2019 as the fifth-most-considered creator that year on the platform, with 2.4 billion views. Also that month, a video of Dobrik’s on TikTok featuring a big-scale elephant’s toothpaste experiment was named the Number 1 Top Viral Video on the platform in 2019, with 17.5 million likes and 180 million views.

Dom has been accused of raping an extra for one of the squad’s videos in 2018, according to Business Insider. David has since posted an apology video and different members have distanced themselves from the allegations. He would set up himself as a social media personality on both Twitter and Instagram, tweeting his first thoughts in January of 2011.

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